5 Coffee Table Alternatives

The coffee table can be a creative focal point of any room. You entertain friends around the coffee table, sip morning coffee, it holds your favorite reads, and the list goes on. So why not show some creativity with this furniture staple? Forgo a boring old square wooden table for an exciting alternative. Here are some suprising creative options for coffee table.

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Consider grouping side tables together instead. The collection will make for a lighter coffee table solution and create visual interest in your space.

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Use what you have, like old books or magazines. Stacking the books or magazines provides just the right amount of support for a coffee table. Place a slab of wood, old door, or simple tabletop atop the stack and voilà, your coffee table is set. Just be sure you use books you’ve already read, otherwise you may find yourself in a Jenga situation.


Photo: Emily Henderson


Using a trunk as a coffee table provides extra storage, while still giving lost of style. You can store all of your blankets and children’s toys out of sight. A trunk is also a great way to mix new and old styles together and give off a fun travelers vibes.

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Ceramic garden stools aren’t only for the outdoors. If you have limited space but still need a small table a garden stool is perfect. It’s just enough space for coffee and a book. It can add a pop of color and can be easily moved to the side when entertaining.


Photo: The Style Editrix


If you’re prone to kicking your feet up on the coffee table, why not make the ritual more comfortable by replacing your coffee table with an ottoman? Add a tray on the cushy ottoman to keep your essentials corralled and your drinks steady. With an ottoman as a coffee table you will always have extra seating when entertaining, and it is also a great alternative if you have small kids.

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