Because You said so

11760331_10100331463947503_4984824475114003965_nWe are so used to getting and seeing results immediately, our culture is always about the immediate gratification. This is something I struggle with in a personal situation. As a christian women I give it up to the Lord, but learning His timing is not always our timing, that is not always easy.

I pray I can be the kind of women who put out into the deep end even if we don’t understand why God will ask us to do something we’ve already done and obviously didn’t yield results, even if we don’t see it, even if we’re so tired, and even if we thought we’ve tried everything already. Let’s be the kind of women who say, “because You said so, God, I’ll do it. I don’t understand, and You see my empty nets, but okay. Here we go.”

But what a heart Peter had, huh? He just said “because you said so.”

And so Simon Peter did, and when they did, “they filled both boats so full that they began to sink.” Luke 5:4

I’m just going to leave that there for a minute and let that sink.IMG_1248.JPG

Sometimes it’s all about the timing: put out into the deep when God said so, and only when He says so. And be ready
for the fullness, “…so full that they began to sink.”

“It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing…” Isaiah 35:2

Be faithful in the situation God has you in, even if you dont understand, and in His timing the fullness and abundance you will see come out of the situation will be more than you could have imagined.

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