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I have never been very interested in reading. So this current reading list is going to be challenging. I say bring it on! I picked these books to help me grow, grow in faith as a mom and as a wife.


The books I have chosen are

  1. The Honest Life – Jessica Alba
  2. Savor (year daily devotional) – Shauna Ninequist
  3. Raising a Princess – John Croyle.

Setting aside time is always a challenge especially with a one year old running around. I wanted to share a few tips for how I am able to make time for reading while running a business and being a mom.

Get up earlier. Blah blah blah. Oh, you have heard that one before? It’s because it works. It’s not al ways easy getting up early, trust me I know especially when Isabella doesn’t sleep well and Im up with her all night. I try to make sure I get up at least 30min to an hour before Isabella wakes up. That away I get my time for me in at the start of the day, read the word, pray,devotional and what ever I currently reading. You have to want the time to yourself more than you want to sleep. And this is big for me. This alone time refreshes me and gives me strength for the day.

If you have kids, have a set time where they play independently while you read. I have had other moms tell me this is so good to teach your kids. Even though Isabella is still young she is already learning this, and plays and entertains herself very well. I usually try to get her to play by herself for around 30-45min. in the evening. Because I work from home I usually work while she plays, now I’m challenging myself to use some of this time to read. No emails, no updates, no designing, I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Always have a book with you. This is a good tip I am going to try to make sure to always have a book with me. It seems obvious but I didn’t realize how many pockets of time to I had to read in my day. 

What are you currently reading? Any other tips for how make time to read? I would love to hear some ways that have worked for you.





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