Easy Fall Accent Pillow

I have this thing about using unconventional items for my crafting. One of my favorite things to use as fabric is a curtain panel. I once even took a lace curtain panel and turned it into a swimsuit cover up. Yep, I’m totally not kidding. I’ve used the material from curtains to make so many pillows, since it’s usually nice and thick. Recently, I discovered an even easier item to use for accent pillows- kitchen table placemats!
While browsing through (every) aisle in Target one day, I found this adorable placemat that I just had to have. I loved the tassel edge, and the burnt orange color was perfect to go with the rest of my fall decor. But placemats aren’t really something that would work around here with my toddler. So, I decided I was going to turn it into a throw pillow. It was so easy!

Items Needed:
Double-sided Placemat (I used this one here- Gather Placemat Orange – Threshold : Target)
Seam Ripper
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine or Needle
First, I ripped open the bottom seam the whole way to be able to do a clean stitch with different thread across the bottom. In hindsight, you could probably run an iron over it first to get rid of wrinkles, but they will fall out over time.
Next, I took small handfuls of filling to tuck into the corners and throughout the pocket, so that there weren’t any lumps.
Then, I pinned, pinned, pinned and used a regular foot on my machine to sew it up. The zipper foot is a no-go for me ever since I sewed through my finger while make my little one’s nursery bedding. I’m also not a fan of hand sewing, but if you’re more comfortable with it, go for it! You could probably even try Heat n Bond iron-on adhesive instead of sewing at all.
TA-DA! This pillow went in our front room. I also made another from a more neutral placemat that I found at Walmart to put in our living room. I just love how easy these are to make. And what a perfect little pillow to take a snooze on after all that Thanksgiving feasting.

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