My DIY Farmhouse Table

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My current obsession with the show “Fixer Upper” has me loving the farmhouse style. So here is my attempt at a DIY farmhouse style table.

I was lucky enough to have a friend that was getting ride of just the table I was looking for. This DIY only took me a day to complete. I used a flat spray paint and a Polyshades stain for the top. The polyblend stain is good for this project because the top of this table is not real wood. So the polyblend adheres and dries fast leaving a gloss look. I used three light coats of the Polyshades to help protect from any wear and tear.

I am so in LOVE with this table! It came out better than I could have thought, now all I need to complete this look is bench seating on either side of the table. This table is going to be perfect for our little family and for when we have company.



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