My Illustrated Faith


I love my journaling bible, and it has almost been a year since I started journaling. I wanted to share a little bit of why I enjoy journaling / illustrating in my bible.

I have always been very creative and very visual person. For me reading the word comes alive, alive in pictures and illustrations and colors, and revelation that God reveals. I take that and put it to paper. God put in me a creative mind, and I am using the gifts HE has given me to GLORIFY Him. Through that, I can now read the bible in a way the sticks with me, sinks in my heart, sets me on my path. I hear worship music and see it come to life. I use pen, color pencils, stickers, paint, stamps, and tape to create my illustration. I posted a few pictures of my bible to show.
What if the whole time we were trying so hard to draw into God we were going about it the wrong way? Let me explain!
As a new christians your start digging in the word, get in to church bible study’s, and read the latest Christian books. But what if you still find your self wanting more, or struggling to read the next chapter without falling asleep. For me I wanted to CRAVE my bible, and dig deeper. While all those things helped me learn more about God they never really pulled me in like illustrating my faith has done. It may be different for you. 
If you find yourself in a similar situation of wanting more from your relationship with God I encourage you to not give up! Keep going! Learn more!
If illustrating faith is a new idea to you and you want to learn more, I encourage you to grab a journaling bible. 
If illustrating your faith isn’t for you that is ok too! Find your path, the way God made you to be. It’s perfect, and waiting!

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