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apartment-34-office-shelfsSimple design tips to styling your bookshelf. Many people get intimidated when trying to style their bookshelf, so here are a few tips to help you. Always start with books or magazines first, and a shelf styling rule of thumb is to create vignettes in threes. Grouped books, bowls, candles, vases and the like. Be sure to always vary the heights of your accessories to create balance! Try to keep it simple and too much can clutter up the shelf.







Here are three tips to getting it right:

#1: Horizontal x Vertical Books. Shelves should start with books, but mix up the way you display them. Try piling them horizontally or flipping the spines to face inward (yes inwards), as well as keeping some standing vertical.

#2: Remember the 1:1 Ratio. For every stack of books, add an object. It could be anything: a candle, brass box, pretty collection of rocks, that awesome “thing” you couldn’t not buy at last month’s flea market. This is the best way to break up the ‘boxy library look’.

#3: Create Curated Character. The more your personality shows in your shelfie, the better! Add black and white photos of your grandparents as strapping, young lads. The quirky things that make you you, give your shelf just as much character!

#4 Add Little Pops of Color.  A colorful book, basket, picture frame, or small plant. This creates interest in the bookshelf.

gold bookshelf

bookshelf style

Remember when styling add your own personality, It is a great way to display the things you love, and show your personal style. Hope these tips help you! Try these tips and send me your pictures of your styled shelfs!


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