The Finishing School

I have to share with ya’ll what I have been reading, The Finishing School by Valerie Werner  . I just have to say, what a great read. The Finishing School is all about intentionally growing in 24 areas of our life that we tend to struggle with. Some of the topics/ chapters in the book are on A guide to Prayer, A guide to Friendships, A guide to Balance, and A guide to Self control and all have biblical base behind her thought. I joined her book club on Facebook where she goes over chapter by chapter weekly, the first week I read the chapter and next week I implement what I just read into my daily walk.

Our lives should be radically different because of Christ who lives in us. Too often they don’t because we are lazy, and not being obedient to God. What is exciting is that even in an imperfect world, God is working in me everyday to look more like Him. This book is about intentionally growing in our lives and how to make progress and become refined by the Lord in our daily lives.


What is The Finishing School about in Valerie’s words?

In today’s world, our pursuit of a life well lived gets squeezed out by the silliest of things: binging on Netflix or ice cream, shopping trips for things we don’t need, bad habits we can’t seem to get a handle on and so much more. Valerie has been there despite knowing what she wanted for her life. Actually do it though? That’s the real challenge.


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